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Cloud Cuckoo Land?

02 Oct 2017
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It is now accepted by most of the IT world that cloud services are the way to go. The argument for the headline cost savings on offer to organisations who currently operate with a hotch-potch of self hosted and managed services, stand alone licensed products and ad-hoc legacy products do appear to be unanswerable.
The problem is that risks associated with the migration to cloud services and also with the accompanying transition phases are often underplayed.
At the same time the scale of benefits most likely to be achieved can be heavily overstated.

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Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year in an attempt to prevent them, security breaches affecting the personal and financial data of thousands of individuals and organisations now occur daily, to the extent that a blockbuster intrusion "smash and grab" of confidential data no longer merits many front page column inches or much disturbance of the Twittersphere.

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Whether a multinational corporation or 1 person owner/director, businesses are overwhelmed by the number of systems, specialists and strategies for building and maintaining an online business presence.
I would say "buttergun" pretty much describes the approach for most businesses, in the sense that you need to have a finger in all the important online "pies". That means a website, business Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Here courtesy of Cult of Mac is a news story about a super creepy mobile phone app called Girls Around Me. The story should be a wake-up call for all who spend their waking lives on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and despite my title, not only the females among them.

Two factors have come together to permit a worrying and now very public use of a combination of personal information.

The first is the growth in the use of highly capable and publicly networked gadgets - like the iPhone.