Buttergun - the best online strategy?

22 Jul 2014
Posted by adrianb

Whether a multinational corporation or 1 person owner/director, businesses are overwhelmed by the number of systems, specialists and strategies for building and maintaining an online business presence.
I would say "buttergun" pretty much describes the approach for most businesses, in the sense that you need to have a finger in all the important online "pies". That means a website, business Facebook and Twitter accounts.
But before you charge off and get started, finding good sources of advice is the first challenge. Even if your company is big and has plenty of money and you can call on recognised industry professionals, it is still essential to build an alternative independant view on behalf of your business.
If you have little money to play with, you will probably have a couple of friendly IT contacts in your circle of friends or aqquiaintences who can give you sensible, impartial advice for a coffee or even for nothing!
Do the obvious - Google, use your trade contacts to see who they have used and talk to their contacts.
Try and get yourself a basic understanding of the technologies involved - the more you know the better able you are to judge the worth of the advice you get.
If you haven't alfready, try out Facebook, Twitter etc, but be smart about it. BEFORE you sign up, make sure you understand the security features of the social media systems you plan to use, how that system may share your information and who it shares it with. Make sure to use all those security features when starting out - that way you can make your mistakes on your own or with a friendly audience.
REMEMBER that there is no such thing as a free lunch - if a service is free to you, the company offering it has to make their money some how - chances are it is maing it out of your information in some way - so understand how you are paying. It may be personalised ads, targeted emails. Just make sure you think about this. Ask your tech friend what s/he thinks.
If you limit what information you share, and who you share it with.
But rememember, no-one knows it all. The IT world is so vast, the number of technologies, systems, platforms etc so huge and complex. no one person