Grow Local - Getting Saffron Walden Businesses Online with Free Website Service

31 Aug 2011
Posted by adrianb

Small businesses have never been under so much pressure. National economic factors have combined with growing global online business to make competition in local markets more intense than it has ever been.
The web means that local businesses now not only have to compete against their local peers and the powerful big chains (who continue to encroach ever further onto local markets), but also a growing band of SME's from around the world who also want some of the action.
So it is surprising that so many SME's still do not have any effective web presence at all.
DynASP plans to change that - at least in Saffron Walden. We have launched a scheme that will help local businesses in Saffron Walden to get on-line, easily and for free, by getting Saffron Walden traders listed on Google Places and linking their Google Places entry with a free basic web site.
With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching, now is the time for all local businesses to take up the baton and join the battle online!
If you are a Saffron Walden business, contact us now for further details.