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A few of you may have heard of BT Workspace, and even fewer may have heard that this very useful service is shortly being withdrawn. My company has been a happy user of the BT Workspace service since shortly after it was launched. It isn't particularly advanced, nor does it offer anything that isn't available elsewhere, with work group applications like on-line project management, shared document storage, shared diaring/calendars, event/task tracking, text messaging and alerts etc. But BT Workspace was almost unique in that if offered all of these, was relatively easy to use and what's more, all this came at a reasonable cost. In fact, if you didn't need much document storage the service was completely free.

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I know this is my second blog with an open source theme, but believe it or not I'm really not an open source zealot. Having worked in many different businesses over the years, I've both used and managed developments for Windows, Linux/Unix , Mac based computer systems. Sometimes Windows/Microsoft products have been the better solution, other times Unix/Linux solutions have proved themselves. For singleton and small business operators, self-help has often been the order of the day, and for those who don't like spending hours tinkering with their computers, Microsoft products have often proved the easiest products to buy, install and learn how to use.
However open source software products have now reached the stage where they are often as easy to install and use as the Microsoft or other "pay for" equivalents. What's more, there is sure to be easy to access documentation and often a vast community of enthusiasts and experts around the world who can help with any problems.

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DynASP has been testing out a variety of website content management systems (CMS) and we are now offering CMS as a new service.

Once the preserve of large corporates, website content management systems are now low cost enough to be viable for almost every small or medium business (SME).

Most of the big Internet Service Provider's (ISP) offer an inclusive but quite limited CMS as part of their broadband service offerings. However, once a contract has been signed, as so many of their users are now finding, a big ISP can often become inflexible, unhelpful and very frustrating to deal with.

Recently, open source derived CMS have matured to the point where they can provide almost every feature that a business needs in the increasingly competitive on-line sales arena, and at an affordable price.