SWOL - DynASP is Getting Saffron Walden Businesses Online with Free Website Service Offer

24 Oct 2011
Posted by dynaspadmin

Getting Saffron Walden On Line - S.W.O.L
For a limited time DynASP is offering a free website setup service to Saffron Walden businesses who do not yet have a website. Read on for details...


Q Who does the offer apply to?

A The offer applies to any business based in / trading from Saffron Walden who does not currently have a web site. For this offer, Saffron Walden, means any business based in the Saffron Walden postal area (so if you have "Saffron Walden" shown in your official address shown on the Royal Mail website that would count - but we are sensible about this so ask if you are not sure).

Q What do I get?
A You get:

1) a one page website that shows basic information about your business:

Company Name
phone number
up to 4 pictures

2) a validated entry on Google Places which will show up on Google Maps, and the Google Places entry will link to your web site.

3) Free advice on web strategies for your business.

Q Do I get a free domain name?
A - You're pushing it a bit aren't you! Seriously though, no you don't, but we can arrange for one to be set up for a small fee.